Week Four Primer

Each Sunday morning during the season, I’ll be bringing you my picks for each game and some last-minute fantasy football advice for you league legions out there. As always, enjoy and I hope it helps you with your picks/leagues!

Week 4 Picks

Baltimore 27 – Buffalo 13

We’re beginning to see the Ravens right the ship after a shaky start, and with or without Ray Rice, the Bills and their banged up defense will be the least of their worries as the Ravens D hassles E.J. Manuel into another learning experience.

Cincinnati 30 – Cleveland 17

The first Battle of Ohio takes place on the Browns’ terms, coming off of an impressive win and playing their next door rivals on their own field. None of that will matter when the game is over, as the best team (who is coming off of a much more impressive win over the Packers) takes this one handily.

Chicago 34 – Detroit 24

This one could tip in the other direction is Reggie Bush can be as much of an X factor as he was in week one, but there’s something about these ‘new’ bears under Trestman that feels much improved over their 2012 version, and it’s not just in the 3-0 record.

Seattle 20 – Houston 17

This juuuust might be where Seattle is truly put to the test; on the road, where they’re nowhere near as consistent as they are at home, against a solid team. But I’m not going to bank on it until I see it, and neither should you.

Indianapolis 31 – Jacksonville 17

Anyone playing against the Jaguars should feel good about their chances, “trap game” or no. The mouse traps coach Chuck Pagano spread around the team’s practice facility during the week should be an ample enough reminder that the better team still needs to show up and prove it regardless of the opponent.

Kansas City 23 – New York 20

No repeat performance of last week’s debacle, but the Giants will most likely be staring at the sort of record that teams simply don’t rise up from after Andy Reid and his knowledge of his former NFC East foes gives them a little Midwestern hospitality.

Minnesota 17 – Pittsburgh 10

The trip to London will sap both 0-3 team in terms of stamina and energy, but I’ll take the team with the beast in the backfield over the team with the least in the backfield. If the Vikings can’t get to Roethlisberger, this one tips in Pittsburgh’s favor.

Arizona 28 – Tampa Bay 20

The troubles in Tampa are just starting, and unless Mike Glennon comes out and looks like Andrew Luck from game one, the Cardinals should find a way to pull this one out.

Tennessee 16 – New York 13

In a battle of evenly matched teams, I usually tip the scales in the home team’s favor, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Rex Ryan’s defense absolutely batters Jake Locker and manages to keep Chris Johnson from being a game-changer.

Denver 41 – Philadelphia 31

The Eagles will harass Denver for most of this game, regardless of what the critics say, but Chip Kelly needs to learn to adapt his high-speed offense further and switch-hit every once in awhile with something we like to call “keep-away”. The recipe for beating Peyton Manning is a defense that has 12 men on the field and a running game that can work for four quarters; sadly, the Eagles only have one of these elements, and even that is in doubt because of their head coach’s need for speed.

Washington 34 – Oakland 24

This has to be the week the Redskins get back on track. If they’re looking at 0-4 after playing a team as shaky as Oakland, regardless of the cross-country trip…well, Jim Haslett is going to be looking for work elsewhere soon enough, and the organization is going to have to bring in defensive help immediately.

San Diego 30 – Dallas 27

This one will go down to the last seconds I believe, but I’m giving the Chargers the edge for one reason and one reason only: home field advantage. See the Tennessee – NYJ matchup.

New England 27 – Atlanta 21

At 3-0, the critics want to say New England hasn’t faced a “real challenge” yet. Every NFL game is a challenge, especially when your top-tier QB is not in sync with his offensive weapons. No Gronk, no Amendola, but the Patriots defense will limit the banged up Falcons much like the Dolphins did last week and pull this one out.

New Orleans 35 – Miami 24

Yeah, I just don’t see this going in my team’s favor, regardless of what direction I look at it in. It would take an incredible amount of overachieving by a team that’s not as accustomed to winning big games on the big stage, and that dome is feared by every team in the league. Brees is going to have a monster stat line, whether or not Cameron Wake manages to get on the field. I believe I mentioned that I wouldn’t be picking against my team again after we pulled off the upset in Atlanta, but…I have to go with logic over emotion.

Fantasy Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em

Start ‘Em

Phillip Rivers – QB – San Diego Chargers
Michael Vick – QB – Philadelphia Eagles
Trent Richardson – RB – Indianapolis Colts
Alfred Morris – RB – Washington Redskins
Dwayne Bowe – WR – Kansas City Chiefs
Marques Colston – WR – New Orleans Saints
Dallas Clark – TE – Baltimore Ravens
Martellus Bennet – TE – Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals D/ST
Rob Bironas – K – Tennessee Titans

Sit ‘Em

Andy Dalton – QB – Cincinnati Bengals
Matt Schaub – QB – Houston Texans
David Wilson – RB – New York Giants
Reggie Bush – RB – Detroit Lions
Andre Johnson – WR – Houston Texans
Greg Jennings – WR – Minnesota Vikings
Jermaine Gresham – TE – Cincinnati Bengals
Kyle Rudolph – TE – Minnesota Vikings
Miami Dolphins D/ST
Randy Bullock – K – Houston Texans




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