Week Eight Primer

A month without a Flashback Friday?! Okay, okay. It’ll be back at some point, I’m sure.

Here’s what you need to know for week eight.

Week 8 Picks

Detroit 27 – Dallas 20

When two powerful offenses meet, I tend to gravitate towards the defenses showing up. The Lions have more to work with on that side of the ball, so they get the nod at home.

San Fransisco 34 – Jacksonville 13

It won’t be pretty across the pond, as the projected inclement weather conditions allow for a heavy dose of Frank Gore, Kaepernick option runs and a team that cannot stop tight ends facing up against one of the best in the league in Vernon Davis. The 49ers will no doubt win some new fans in England after this one.

Kansas City 20 – Cleveland 6

There is nothing about Cleveland’s offense that is going to shake the best defense in football. Yeah, I said it. If I had more readers, I’d almost expect Richard Sherman to let me know why I’m wrong.

New England 24 – Miami 21

It always pains me to pick against my Fins, but the Patriots are coming off of a somewhat humiliating divisional loss. Miami are doing the same, but which team has responded better in these situations lately?

New Orleans 30 – Buffalo 20

No, the Bills won’t just let this game get away from them. No, the Bills won’t stop the Saints from winning, anyway.

New York 26 – Philadelphia 21

The return of Michael Vick is something, but the Giants have the advantage of playing the Eagles in Philly, where they (the Eagles) haven’t won in a calendar year. I like the Giants to find a way to eat up clock and keep Vick sidelined long enough to pull away with this one.

Cincinnati 17 – New York 16

It’ll be one of those games in Cincinnati this week, where Andy Dalton looks average and Geno Smith tips the odds in the favor of the Bengals defense. This is a tough one to call, but I’m giving the home team the close win.

Oakland 33 – Pittsburgh 20

After the last two weeks, most people would consider this an upset. Pittsburgh is winning again, but an Oakland team that is better than even their fans realize will remind us of how old, worn down and obsolete the Steelers have become.

Arizona 27 – Atlanta 21

After the entire season, anyone watching football would consider this an upset. It’ll be a big one for the seemingly hapless Cardinals, who are only playing great defense while their offense slowly…veeeeeery slowly….learns how to manage Bruce Arians’ offense. Carson Palmer won’t suddenly look like Matt Ryan, and he’ll probably be the lesser QB in this game, but it shouldn’t matter when the final whistle blows.

Denver 62 – Washington 40

Yes, I’m serious.

Green Bay 35 – Minnesota 20

If the Vikings remember what Adrian Peterson did to the Packers last year, they might score another touchdown. Still won’t be enough. Don’t ‘Ponder’ this one too hard, folks.


Seattle 31 – St. Louis 13

Bradford or no Bradford, the Seahawks will not be swayed by the underachieving, lesser team on the big stage Monday Night. The Rams won’t have to contend with the 12th man, but they’ll have to look up at the fans piling out of their home stadium at halftime.

Fantasy Start ‘Em/Sit ‘Em

Start ‘Em

Terrelle Pryor – QB – Oakland Raiders
Russell Wilson – QB – Seattle Seahawks
Frank Gore – RB – San Fransisco 49ers
Stevan Ridley – RB – New England Patriots
Demarius Moore – WR – Oakland Raiders
Santana Moss – WR – Washington Redskins
Jordan Reed – TE – Washington Redskins
Tony Gonzalez – TE – Atlanta Falcons
Blair Walsh – K – Minnesota Vikings
Cincinnati Bengals D/ST

Sit ‘Em

Michael Vick – QB – Philadelphia Eagles
Ben Roethlisberger – QB – Pittsburgh Steelers
Maurice Jones-Drew – RB – Jacksonville Jaguars (Don’t just sit him, drop him)
C.J. Spiller – RB – Buffalo Bills (even if he’s active)
A.J. Green – WR – Cincinnati Bengals (Remember, I told you to sit Megatron the week he caught 3 for 25. I said the same thing the next week and that was a mistake. If Green is in this spot again next week, don’t listen to me. Please.)
Harry Douglas – WR – Atlanta Falcons
Kyle Rudolph – TE – Minnesota Vikings
Jared Cook – TE – St. Louis Rams
Mike Nugent – K – Cincinnati Bengals
New England Patriots D/ST

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