Week 13 Primer

Just so you know, I picked all the home teams to win on Thansgiving. That’s what happened. Too legit to quit.

Week 13 Picks

Indianapolis 27 – Tennessee 23

The Colts have been a mixed bag of late, perhaps since Reggie Wayne’s season-ending injury. In truth, they’ve been struggling for almost two years, but overachieving and a gifted quarterback has helped to mask their flaws. The Titans, on the other hand, lack the same fortitude and will most likely let this last chance at the division (and the final wild card spot in a congested race for it) slip away.

Cleveland 20 – Jacksonville 17

When you’re playing for pride, you tend to learn something about your football team. There isn’t a whole lot either team will learn from this matchup, but the Browns should be able to win this game regardless of the implications.

Carolina 26 – Tampa Bay 16

The dreaded “trap game” could reveal itself as Tampa Bay travels north to play the red-hot Panthers. I’m not going to pick against the Panthers again this year until they lose a game, however. They’re playing too well in all three phases.

Minnesota 31 – Chicago 24

As good as they can be at times, the Bears simply lack the defensive fortitude to get the job done anymore. Injuries have depleted the league’s most dangerous D in 2012, and I have a strong feeling that Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart will carry the Vikings to a solid win and play spoiler to the Bears chances at the division crown.

New England 30 – Houston 20

It would behoove the Texans to start playing more inspired football at this point. The playoffs are off over the horizon, but the jobs of the majority of the team, including the coaching staff, are most likely on the line going forward. I don’t expect them to beat the Patriots, but I do expect them to fight for a full 60 minutes.

Philadelphia 33 – Arizona 30

The cold weather will take this game out of Carson Palmer’s hands, and into the hands of an improving Eagles defense more than once, giving them the edge in an extremely tight matchup.

Miami 23 – New York 13

The line on this game seems to be that the Jets’ defense will manhandle the Dolphins offense. What people are seemingly forgetting is how the Dolphins’ defense has won most of their games this year with key turnovers and big stops. The Jets offense simply isn’t equipped to overcome that, and Miami has held sway over the Jets in New York for awhile now.

Buffalo 17 – Atlanta 14

The Bills will struggle, but the Falcons will really struggle, making a bad season even worse by losing to a team they still have no right losing to.

San Fransisco 29 – St. Louis 24

The Rams will give the 49ers more of a fight this time around in their final meeting of the year, but Jim Harbaugh and his team know how much is on the line from this point forward, and I have confidence they won’t falter once between now and the end of the regular season.

San Diego 31 – Cincinnati 28

Good, tough matchup for both teams. I give the nod to the west-coast home team for obvious reasons, but a key turnover could swing this one in the other direction.

Denver 31 – Kansas City 21

I expect similar results to these two AFC West powerhouses’ 2nd matchup as the first, especially since the Chiefs’ stout defense has begun to show some leaks that started leaking in Denver two weeks ago.

Washington 30 – New York 24

The Redskins will finally get a week of relative peace from the incessantly nagging national press. Well, they won’t, but they’ll be able to point to a win and say “that’s all that matters” and be half-right.

New Orleans 38 – Seattle 24

Yes, the Saints are going to go into Seattle and beat around the league’s best team. It won’t mean the Seahawks won’t still be the league’s best team next week, it’ll just mean that they’ll be gut-checked into reminding themselves that even the best teams can be beaten when a good team comes knocking. There’s no other team in the NFC closer to the top than the Saints, after all.

Fantasy Start ’em/Sit ’em

Start ’em

Drew Brees – QB – New Orleans Saints (Have no fear.)
Andrew Luck – QB – Indianapolis Colts
Frank Gore – RB – San Fransisco 49ers
Knowshon Moreno – RB – Denver Broncos
Mike Wallace or Brian Hartline – WRs – Miami Dolphins (Toss a coin)
Anquan Boldin – WR – San Fransisco 49ers
Antonio Gates – TE – San Diego Chargers
Coby Fleener – TE – Indianapolis Colts
Alex Henery – K – Philadelpha Eagles
Miami Dolphins D/ST

Sit ‘Em

Russell Wilson – QB – Seattle Seahawks
Mike Glennon – QB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Maurice Jones-Drew – RB – Jacksonville Jaguars
Deangelo Williams – RB – Carolina Panthers
Percy Harvin – WR – Seattle Seahawks (He’s out, in case you weren’t aware)
Dwayne Bowe – WR – Kansas City Chiefs
Greg Olsen – TE – Carolina Panthers
Jared Cook – TE – St. Louis Rams
Nick Folk – K – New York Jets
Seattle Seahawks D/ST (Hard to do, but I think you can find a decent spot replacement)

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