Week 15 Primer

You’ll have to take me on my word on this one; overslept by quite a few hours, obviously. Scout’s honor; these picks are always made a day ahead of time, but are adjusted early Sunday morning due to inactives/projected weather conditions. I haven’t even started watching the games yet.

Proof? I had the Broncos winning in Denver a few nights ago, as I’m sure most of us did. Who saw that coming?

Week 15 Picks

Washington 31 – Atlanta 27

Between these two down-on-their-luck squads, the Falcons are the last time to really put up a fight. Despite that, Kirk Cousins gave this team a different feel when he played in 2012, and something tells me he might be enough of a wild card to give the Skins a win against an equal opponent.

Cleveland 33 – Chicago 21

I 100% disagree with the decision to put Jay Cutler back on the field. Josh McCown/McNown/McNabb has been on fire, and I don’t care what position you play, you don’t take hot hands off the field for any reason until they cool off. The Bears are in the thick of a postseason race and, unfortunately, will watch Cutler spend the game shaking off the rust against a stout Cleveland defense in Ohio this week.

Indianapolis 30 – Houston 27

Oh, nevermind the records; the Colts will keep this game interesting up until the end. I’m hard pressed to call this game either way, but I still want to believe the team that’s going to win their division can beat the worst team in their division.

Jacksonville 34 – Buffalo 24

What tips the scales in the Jaguars’ favor? Home field, heart and a coaching staff that apparently can do more with half the talent the Bills have available to them.

Miami 26 – New England 21

Oh yeah. This is happening. Whether or not it’s just wishful thinking on my part remains to be seen, but these Dolphins have more fight in them than almost any team in the league, and that can’t be denied. What else can’t be denied is the impact Rob Gronkowski’s absence has on the Patriots’ offense.

Philadelphia 30 – Minnesota 20

Good opportunity for a let-down for the Eagles, after playing an exciting, taxing game in the snow at home last week. Better opportunity for the banged up Vikings to take another one on the chin.

Seattle 31 – New York 16

The Seahawks aren’t quite the same dominant team on the road, but the Giants won’t be getting the memo.

San Fransisco 24 – Tampa Bay 14

The 49ers’ defense is going to have to maintain their recent success in order to keep up in a close NFC playoff race. I like their chances, even with the cross-country trip into Tampa to face a more inspired Bucs team than their record indicates.

Panthers 24 – New York 9

What better way for your outstanding defense to rebound from a spanking by Drew Brees than facing Geno Smith?

Kansas City 31 – Oakland 17

The Chiefs have made their way this year beating teams they’re more talented than on a regular basis. This is one of those games.

Dallas 23 – Green Bay 20

The Cowboys defense rebounds long enough to make Matt Flynn look like Matt Flynn. Jerry Jones will have some amazingly befuddling quote to follow the win, and Jason Garrett will praise his equipment staff for making sure everybody’s helmets fit perfectly.

New Orleans 31 – St. Louis 24

The Saints aren’t the same team on the road. The Rams, like the Giants, won’t be getting the memo.

Arizona 32 – Tennessee 10

Tell me how the Titans can get past this defense, and I’ll tell you about a bridge I have for sale.

Pittsburgh 30 – Cincinnati 23

The way of the Bungles will be on full display. The Steelers will take some confidence from the game, all the while knowing their team needs help in every phase.

Detroit 35 – Baltimore 31

I think this will be the game of the week, and I think Megatron takes it over. If Stafford can avoid the INTs, the Lions take it. If not, the Ravens capitalize better than most teams in the league. Don’t miss this one on Monday night.

No Fantasy, No Worries

The semi-finals are taking place in most leagues, and since the 1:00 games have started, there’s not much point either way in listing starts and sits this week. I will say this: if you started Jay Cutler today, you have my sympathy.

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