Week 16 Primer

This week’s primer is coming at you a couple of days early, due to Kevbo Industries’ (my) vacation starting Saturday. So get a leg up on your friends with some expert picks (and enjoy my little summary of my fantasy football season afterwards) and have yourselves a great Christmas and drunken New Years!

Week 16 Picks

Miami 31 – Buffalo 24

Despite beating the Patriots for the first time in four years last week, the heart-attack Dolphins will find a way to almost lose against a lesser Bills squad. Keyword: almost.

Carolina 33 – New Orleans 21

In the biggest game in the NFC South this year, the Saints’ road woes will most likely continue in a stadium that should be rocking in the wrong direction. Cam Newton continues to impress, and as long as he and his defense do their jobs, the division is clearly within their grasp.

Cincinnati 27 – Minnesota 21

The Vikings have been upsetting playoff hopefuls for about a month now, but they struggle on the road, and the Bengals have to be fully aware that their postseason fortunes ride on playing mistake-free, consistent football from here on out. It won’t be an easy win, but I look for the Bungles to get it done this week (at least).

Denver 31 – Houston 21

I’m not seeing the barnstormer most others are, particularly because, despite their record, the Texans have a decent enough defense to keep Peyton Manning (relatively) honest. Still, this is a game the Broncos would have to choke on mightily to lose.

Jacksonville 30 – Tennessee 24

In a game that doesn’t matter for anything other than heart, whose got the bigger heart? Of late, it can’t be argued that the Jaguars are playing better despite having nothing on the line but pride.

Kansas City 41 – Indianapolis 27

This may be an early preview of a wildcard matchup in a couple of weeks and, much to the disappointment of Colts fans everywhere, it should play out in a fairly lopsided fashion. These Chiefs are really starting to find their offensive stride, which could be a frightening prospect for the rest of the AFC come playoff time.

Cleveland 20 – New York 13

Another game of heart, but the matchup clearly favors the Jets. Or does it? Flip a coin on this one, but bank on neither team winning so much as one of the two losing. If that makes sense.

Tampa Bay 24 – St. Louis 14

After upsetting the Saints, the Rams will do what the Rams have done for most of the year and simply look like a different team against lesser competition. The Bucs are starting to figure some things out, and more than anything, seem to have at least a glimmer of an answer to their QB situation, a definite advantage over the Rams.

Washington 40 – Dallas 35

Balls will fly. Backs will bulldoze. Defenses will collapse. In the end, I expect one Tony Romo turnover to be the difference. How can anyone honestly expect different?

New York 24 – Detroit 20

Prepare yourselves, Lions fans; your disappointing season is about to hit a new low.

Arizona 21 – Seattle 20

In an upset of major proportions, I have a gut feeling that we’re going to see a sense of urgency and aggressiveness out of this Cardinals team that the Seahawks, who are already a lock for the postseason, won’t be prepared to match. Not even with the 12th man behind them.

Baltimore 26 – New England 24

Justin Tucker beats Tom Brady. Nobody is sure how that headline will go over, but we won’t be able to avoid it.

Green Bay 30 – Pittsburgh 24

The Packers are riding some big victories of late and, despite going Rodger-less for another week, match up favorably against a Steelers team that is shaky on the road. This is about as close of a call as it gets, so feel free to switch the teams around. I might before too many people read this…

San Diego 41 – Oakland 21

Unleash the Kraken! Aka Phillip Rivers. Raiders fans, your season is over, stop watching and save yourself for the offseason. This is going to get ugly.

Philadelphia 33 – Chicago 28

LeSean McCoy, LeSean McCoy and more LeSean McCoy is the key here. Oh, and don’t forget LeSean McCoy.

San Fransisco 31 – Atlanta 6

For some reason, Monday Night just won’t have the same luster as it usually does this week. Hmm, I wonder why…

My Fantasy Season In A Nutshell

I missed the draft in my main league:


After I drafted in my own league:


Season progresses, I lose as often as I win. Somehow, with help from other people losing, I make the playoffs in both leagues:


I proceed to lose in the first round in both leagues:



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