Championship Weekend Primer

Two games, two outcomes…one Superbowl in the making. Here we go!

Denver 36 – New England 31

This game will come down to three things; how well the Patriots’ secondary handles the Broncos’ passing game, how well the Broncos defense handles the Patriots’ running attack, and how well each special teams’ unit does in the field position battle and, perhaps more importantly, which kicker ends up with more field goals. The scoring will come in bunches, but there will be lulls where one of the teams can eat up clock on drives that end with three instead of seven; these drives will decide the game. And while I feel the Patriots are better equipped to play that sort of game outright, I believe the threat of Manning’s attack and lack of push in the middle of the Patriots’ D will give the Broncos the edge in the end.

San Fransisco 23 – Seattle 20

This should be the most physically demanding game played in 2013, and within the nature of that sort of game, the 49ers have always had the edge. Their physicality is supplemented by playmakers on both sides of the ball, something they simply have in a higher number than the Seahawks. I’m well aware of what happened the last time these two teams met in Seattle; but I’m also aware of how inept the Seahawks’ offense has been lately, and how the 49ers’ have been hitting on more cylinders on that side of the ball. If the 49ers can limit big gains by Marshawn Lynch, they win the defensive game. If Colin Kaepernick can move the chains and loosen the Seahawks’ D up for some late Frank Gore game closing carries, they’ll win the offensive game. They’ll do both, and return to the Superbowl for the second year in a row.

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